Safety Equipment Tracking in Aircraft


One of the leading Airlines in the region was faced with the challenge of consistent and reliable inspection of aircraft cabin safety equipment. This impacted turnaround time and eventually customer satisfaction and experience.


Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a well-established technology used across many industries for inventory control, asset tracking and security measures. Identifying a fundamental need of its innovative capabilities for the aviation industry, we have strategically developed an advanced RFID solution to help clients manage their equipment assets accurately and instantaneously. By replacing the manually-intensive process of verifying the location and maintenance needs of each equipment or part individually; a new way to improve operational efficiencies. Our RFID Solutions offers advanced, automated tracking solutions that effectively replace the inefficient, manual inspection of aircraft equipment – saving valuable time and money. Our custom-built system can scan all tagged aircraft equipment, from flashlights and oxygen generators to carts, seat belts and life vests, in just minutes. The system immediately identifies if any tagged asset is missing, been tampered with, has expired or is due for regular maintenance.
As an example, assuring FAA compliance typically requires a physical check under or between each seat in an aircraft to verify the existence of required life vests.  Through the use of RFID-enabled life vest tags and a hand-held scanning device, an airline can quickly and easily verify on-board life vest inventory streamlining the compliance audit process and improving audit accuracy.
Audit data can then be forwarded to the organization’s inventory management systems where issues such as inventory losses and upcoming service requirements can be identified and addressed


Save costs on Emergency Equipment Management across the fleet of aircraft.
Lead time reduction in life vest inspection and life cycle management.
Complete an on-board cabin inspection in less than 10 minutes.


Our Solution has enabled the airline to be the first in the region to provide the aviation industry with enhanced inventory tracking capabilities, streamlined audit procedures for compliance and the means to electronically identify and locate safety equipment requiring re-inspection or replacement.

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