MGC’s digital & mobility solutions help airports and airlines improve customer and ground handling services to reduce costs, manage security and increase efficiency, to deliver the passenger experience - travelers now demand.




MGC assists campuses and education institutions modernize its existing solutions, be it library management, employee and student attendance management, employee and student productivity on campus. Our HSE solutions ensure employee and students health, safety and welfare and provides those responsible for the management of Health and Safety in Educational institutions the ability to report, track and manage incidents, improve processes and procedures and ensure compliance . Our vehicle management, vehicle on-boarding solutions provide real-time information of all students aboard the bus, potential incidents and near misses, thereby ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the students. MGC offers solutions to managing these challenges, enabling you to digitally oversee your processes, leading to improved efficiency, and enhanced reporting and management processes at your educational establishment.




Facility Management will move towards transformation services that redefine and shape business outcomes, cultural change, and attraction of new skills within organizations; away from the traditional focus on cost reductions, which has blinded senior business executives to Facility Management’s strategic potential.




MGC’s healthcare solutions enable hospitals, pharma distribution and healthcare units to improve its patient safety, staff efficiency, inject speed and accuracy into regular workflows through a combination of hardware and software solutions. Our solutions provide healthcare professionals, with on-the-go access to critical information such as medication, patient histories and lab workups, reduces human error and supports the highest quality care.




Providing the best guest experience requires you to have deep insights into customers’ expectations, their journey, and behaviors. MGC’s purpose-built solutions for hospitality help you create smarter environments, which are not only customer centric, but also one that gives you insight into every corner of your business—so you can deliver the ultimate experience to your guests.




MGC solutions enable events & business owners to truly understand the usage of their venues through real-time visitor footfall analytics. Our solutions harness Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and camera data to trace and visualize visitor journeys within and around the premise. Our contextual digital management solution facilitates targeted promotions, creates a rick engaging experience to visitors - offering an opportunity for operators to monetize, increase their ancillary revenue. Our HSE solutions enable real-time monitoring of all HSE elements and our unique smart washroom solution provide real time monitoring, management of resources, air quality, consumables, cleanliness, washroom usage – enhancing the user experience and guest satisfaction.




MGC in collaboration with its mobile computer vision technology partner, facilitates real-time delivery and introduces more speed and simplicity for postal organizations. Our VELOX powered mobile devices technology enable logistics companies to do everything from a smartphone quickly and easily. From scanning a barcode to recording an electronic signature, verifying an ID and taking a picture of where a package has been left, we help postal companies fast track the entire postal delivery processes, enabling the digitization of all postal information.

Postal services



MGC helps modernize and digitally transform retail operations through a combination of hardware, software, augmented reality solutions. Our retail technology solutions empower retail organizations to exceed customer expectations while boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability. From tracking inventory and orders to product lookup, point of sale and more, our retail solutions help you create better customer experience. Our visitor insight solutions provide you with deep customer insights and intelligence to optimize performance, deliver a personalized experience, exceed customer expectations.




With MGC’s asset tracking solutions, you will gain the visibility needed to minimize wait times, increase throughput, and reinforce regulations for a safe, secure, efficient and productive yard. Our fleet management solutions address the specific needs of your business - constant connectivity, proactive management, regulatory compliance, and peerless customer service - so you can deliver on time, every time