We provide a wide variety of full-page scanners, ID document readers, and check software to help you with all security matters. Our devices come with the latest technology in OCR (optical character) reading, and MRZ (machine-readable zone) scanning. Our software provides you with a complete, easy-to-integrate, state-of-the-art solution. From identity checks to access and border control, we have the perfect solution for both hardware and software.

MGC is the only Premium Reseller and authorized Service Center for Desko in the Middle East.

DESKO IDenty Chrom

Check-in document reader Desko Identy Chrome
Our versatile swipe reader IDenty chrom® ensures a fast and efficient capturing of customer data from ID cards, passports or magnetic stripe cards (e.g. credit or debit cards). As a successor of the well-proven mini MPR, it includes its reliable *OCR and **MSR technology integrated in a bidirectional swipe slot along with a compact and stylish design. In addition, it is water and dust resistant according to IP54 standards. This means that even a spilled glass of water does not affect the functionality of the device.


OCR, MSR keyboard, water and dust resistant Desko Neptune Chrom
Our brand-new keyboard NEPTUN chrom® is your reliable partner within the daily business of retail banking. It comprises all features of its well-proven predecessor MCL 4717 along with an innovative and compact design. The keyboard is available in black and white color and can be equipped with an efficient magnetic stripe card reader and chip card reader. Only one swipe is enough to read data from credit cards, chip cards, passports and ID cards automatically and within seconds.


Full-page scanner for check-in application Desko Penta Scanner CKI
The DESKO PENTA Scanner® CKI is the perfect all-in-one solution to ensure a smooth check-in process, secure ID control and comprehensive data capture. The innovative device combines a variety of features in a single package, thereby efficiently reducing your IT infrastructure. As standard features, the PENTA Scanner CKI is equipped with OCR technology for optical character recognition in identity documents and an integrated barcode and magnetic strip card reader. Optionally, modules for RFID and NFC can be added.


Multifunctional full-page scanners Desko Penta Scanner Cube
The DESKO Cube product line comprises scanners specifically developed for an easy integration into gates, kiosks, and counters. It includes the versions Cube and PENTA Scanner® Cube. Both devices are designed to handle all size restrictions and integration challenges. Therefore, you can entirely focus on the technology fitting best for your requirements. Get fast and effective read results from passports, ID cards, visas, paper or display barcodes (smartwatches, smartphones, tablets), RFID documents, and even NFC reading.


Dedicated Multifunctional Scanner for Boarding Desko Penta Scanner BGR
Make the boarding process even more convenient and efficient for your passengers and ground staff. The DESKO PENTA Scanner® BGR was specifically developed for this task as a boarding gate reader. The extra-large scan window for reading the barcodes on boarding passes and the full graphics display are hallmarks of the PENTA Scanner BGR. The display provides direct and clear feedback to passengers or employees, simplifying the work process. The scanner also impresses with tried-and-tested DESKO PENTA technology for reliable and fast reading of ID documents.

DESKO BGR 504pro

Versatile Barcode Scanner Desko BGR 504 pro
International airlines rely on the high-performance DESKO BGR 504 pro to make the boarding process as convenient as possible for passengers and crew. Efficiency, speed and user-friendliness are the hallmark of this tried-and-tested boarding gate reader. With its extra-large scan window, the scanner reliably captures all barcodes and QR codes from paper tickets and e-tickets. Whether in counters or self-service boarding applications – the scanner’s flat, compact design allows for seamless integration into your system. Boarding has never been easier!


Self-service solution- check-ins, access control, age verification Desko Icon Scanner
Are you looking for a high-quality, reliable solution for scanning ID documents? Thanks to innovative OCR technology and excellent scanning characteristics, the DESKO ICON Scanner® guarantees secure data and image capture for IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and many other documents involving personal data. This makes it a perfect solution for a wide variety of sectors that require rapid electronic capture of data. From hotel check-in, age controls in casinos or car rental contracts, car dealers etc. – the ICON Scanner assists you with your work processes by simplifying and accelerating the reading, saving and processing of data.


Passport and ID scanner Desko Icon Scanner
Whether in the tourism industry, in contract management for businesses, banks and insurance companies or for rentals of cars, trucks, motorcycles or bicycles – there is a wide range of sectors that require secure identity verification. The DESKO PENTA Scanner® Block is the perfect solution for reliable ID control. Equipped with the tried-and-tested OCR technology, it captures data from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) and visual inspection zone (VIZ) of IDs, passports and driver’s licenses. An optional barcode reader for reading barcodes on paper, smartphones and tables can supplement the equipped functions.