Know Your Employee… or your Visitor!

Digital Solutions for the Smart Enterprise

Information on employee identity and background is a privilege that every employer has. But that privilege comes with a responsibility. The employer not only needs to capture employee identification correctly but also ensure its security and safe keeping.

Employee data updates are a manual and cumbersome task in most organizations. Given the volume of expatriates and the different identity requirements, a digital solution is essential: One that can ensure compliance to HR record keeping without the drudgery of manual entry.
From an employee’s perspective, every individual wants their organization to treat his or her information sacred. Automating data capture eliminates any man-in-the-middle attack keeping critical information secure.

A lighter version of our Digital id solution can be used in visitor management as well. Reducing or even removing multiple intermediaries and ensuring authenticity prevent security lapses in an increasingly digital world. A stronger version for id verification would include two-factor authentication, an optional add on to our digital solution.



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