Wayfinding with BLE Beacons

One of the largest theme parks in the Middle East Spread over a few million square feet wanted to implement a way finding solution for their visitors.
There are several different reasons a business may want to offer wayfinding. Visitors in a large park could benefit from more clear directions. This would mean stronger overall park operations. The Park goers can enjoy a heightened experience with navigation, making it easier to find a given venue or to explore what’s going on around them in real-time. The technology also allows businesses to drive traffic on a given path or create systems that optimize their own resources.

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the connectivity of modern technology and the growing network of smart devices that can communicate with one another. As technology becomes better and more affordable, the digital ecosystem will only continue to grow. Digital wayfinding will become increasingly prominent, precise, and widespread.
In the past, GPS has proven hugely useful for large operations outdoors, but there are limited possibilities for indoor or more compact settings.

Bluetooth is one of the few technologies offering real-time, affordable opportunities for such use cases.
Bluetooth, a wireless technology standard for exchanging data, has the potential to effectively and naturally engage customers indoors. In recent years, Bluetooth has evolved to become the global standard for the IoT revolution. Energy-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology has made a number of completely new technological applications possible. One major disruptor is the Bluetooth beacon or “tag.” The functionality of Bluetooth beacons is relatively simple. They send out a signal that is picked up by Bluetooth devices in the area. This signal indicates the Bluetooth user’s proximity to that beacon and, subsequently, the approximate location. Additional beacons can be installed to accurately identify an individual’s position down to meter level. Compared to other technologies, BLE beacons are very affordable. The technology is also easily integrated with other systems and everyday devices due to the existing widespread adaptation of the Bluetooth standard.

Most of smartphone owners bring their phones with them to the park.
While they intend to spend an entire day exploring they can get exhausted. When physical signage and other solutions fall short, Bluetooth-based wayfinding can get visitors from Point A to B to whenever they want without wasting time.

The benefit to both the park operators and visitors is immense. While the visitors get to find the best way to cover the most interesting parts of the park they enjoy, the park gets to know the location and movement patterns of their visitors. They can use this data to further mine for information and marketing insights.



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