The Smart Concierge Service

The solution is developed as part of an enhancement plan by the Airport Duty Free, in one of the business class lounges. The project aims at improving the experience and adding a personal touch to the service offered at an individual level to the business class passengers. The passenger upon entering the concierge counter is greeted and assisted by a shopping assistant. The desired Duty Free products can be selected from a digital menu displayed at the concierge counter. Once the selection is done, The passenger is provided with a smart tag and can go anywhere in the lounge without worrying about additional efforts.

The passenger selection is forwarded to the online shopping department, who in turn forwards the request to the pickers. The pickers collect all the items from the Duty Free Stores and deliver to the concierge counters at the lounge. The concierge service locates the passenger by tracking the tags earlier provided. Payment is processed at the endpoint, after the delivery is carried out. Our Location services facilitate pinpointing up to the last point where the passenger is seated. The whole operation staring from product selection to delivery is carried out within 90 minutes and is expected to improve as the process is streamlined.

The Location identification is provided by triangulating the location of the BLE tags provided to the customer using BLE gateways placed at various positions within the lounge. The signal data is send to a central server based architecture in which the triangulation algorithm resides. The result of the calculations done by the server based program is provided through an SDK that is incorporated into the concierge service application. The application provides the data with a latency of 3 minutes if passenger(in-turn the tag representing the passenger) is in motion.



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