The Future of Smart Digital Signage

Information has been the basis for all commerce and what better than massively lit up digital displays to deliver a message. Catalogues, restaurant menus, weather, advertisements, wayfinding, videos are different types of screen content that are now deployed digitally through all sizes and formats. The biggest users have been malls, entertainment zones and event arenas though other establishments such as hospitals, transport sectors or banks are now using them extensively. From simple static images to dynamic visuals, signages are either replacing or enhancing customer-facing roles.

The drive for customer experience has pushed the frontiers of display technology to significant heights: A market that is expected to grow consistently and cross 20 Billion USD by 2020 across a variety of technologies from projection and e-paper to LED/LCDs.

Interactive displays are increasingly having their presence felt with touch screens leading the way. Other ways to interact could be by presenting a visual code such as QR or using  NFC/RF-enabled cards or devices.

Leading the way in the next generation of Smart Digital Signages will be context-aware technologies that use sensors, cameras or beacons to present relevant information to the target audience at the right time. Add capabilities such as screen zoning, scheduled campaign management and support for multimedia formats with AI-enhanced analytics. We now expect smart digital signages to be at the forefront of enhancing customer experience and influencing consumer behaviour across industry verticals.

We have analytics platforms today that can combine the above features with the power of wifi to deliver an extensive range of operational benefits and drive situational and contextual marketing campaigns. The power of digital is now stronger than ever before, providing a much needed boost in the arm for retailers everywhere.



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