KYC in Passenger Baggage Security & Inspection

Border controls are measures taken by a country or a bloc of countries to regulate and monitor its borders. Border controls are put in place to regulate the movement of people, animals and goods into as well as out of a country.
Border control agencies are front line in the protection of their national borders. They control the application of rules and regulations relating to the entry and exit of goods from the state. A rise in international travel and trade has made it increasingly complex for government agencies to regulate borders.
Clearance of some customs transactions may require prior communication and coordination with government ministries, local authorities and other relevant   entities. This is true particularly with regards to restricted items which necessitate formal approval before being allowed entry to the country.

Verbal, written or electronic declaration or passage through the green or red channels shall be regarded as a customs declaration by the passenger. Inspection of passengers` personal belongings and the procedures for their confiscation and collection of payable customs duties or exemption thereof shall take place according to local Customs rules and regulations. In all cases, customs officers have the absolute right to inspect any passenger’s luggage or cargo at the time of exit.

Every passenger can be requested to submit his or her possessions for inspection even if they pass through the green channel. This additional process could take several minutes depending on the nature, background, time of day, flight details etc. With the implementation of the new Desko Penta scanner, we see a reduction in processing time to less than 2 mins from a passenger perspective. Every passenger’s submission of their passport and boarding pass during inspection of their goods is processed in less than 30 seconds with the Penta scanner as it captures the data and sends it through to the respective Customs system. Data capture and document verification are swift and error-free, which makes the journey through customs more comfortable and secure for both the passenger and the authorities.



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