Improving HR operations with Desko Penta scanner

HR Department of a Dubai-based holding company manages more than 2000 employees. Most of them are based in / operating from Dubai. The work force is diverse with multiple nationalities.
The passport, visa or ID card of an employee needs to be checked several times within the organization. From the employee onboarding process, to data updates in their HRMS and for the PR department, employee data is gathered and processed frequently. Hardware based scanning and reading is sometimes insufficient.

To help the HR department, Desko Penta scanner was deployed and integrated in their HR application. Any ID document (Passport, EID, Health Insurance Card etc.) can now be scanned and data captured automatically into their HR Application. The document image will be saved automatically into the employee’s file. Smart Card Reader is also installed to read contact chip on cards like EID Card, GCC ID Card etc.

We work together with leading security software companies around the globe to offer the latest and most effective ID document authentication package. Our hardware and software together qualify for even the toughest challenges of ID document authentication. All information can be stored for further processing or later proof of compliance with in-house regulations and legal requirements.


Expedite Employee Enrollment / Update process
Reduce Processing Time
Efficient data collection, ID verification, information capture for quicker processing
Help combat fraud, comply with legal requirements

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